How To Fit In Self-care

On The Go, Without Feeling Guilty,

Even If, You Don’t Think You Have The Time

Do You Feel Like You Shouldn’t Take Any Extra Time For Self-care Because It Makes You Feel Guilty?

Your life is chaotic and your schedule has to unexpectedly change.

Your health already sometimes forces you to step away.

Sometimes you’re down for hours or even days, but only because your head feels like it’s trying to split open. It feels like it’s been forever since you’ve focused solely on yourself because even when you are feeling better you’re always on the go.

Well, Pockets of Happiness will allow you to instantly know which self-care items you can enjoy, wherever you are, even if you only have a few moments at a time.

Pockets Of Happiness

The Ultimate Portable Self-Care Checklists

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  • Enjoy the moments while you are waiting in the grocery line
  • Use the time while you are waiting in the car to give yourself a pick me up
  • Learn which items you can fit in even while you are cooking.

Mom, Take Care Of Yourself So That You Can Take Care Of Others.

FREE – For A Limited Time

“Self-care Is Not Selfishness.  You Can Not Pour From An Empty Cup”

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