Trying To Handle The Holidays While Juggling A Schedule That Can’t Be Predicted?

Gift Yourself the Gift of Stress-Free Holidays!

even if time is Not on your side!

Meet Hacking The Holidays, the workbook that puts you in control of the season!”

Imagine this…

you’re sipping on your favorite holiday drink,

lights twinkling,


your favorite tunes in the background.

No more last-minute panicking

or starting over from scratch.


Get ready for the tea on this holiday must-have!

Feeling stuck in a festive loop? Not anymore. Use the sanity saver tips. Keep traditions, recipes, and tasks in one place. No more reinventing the wheel each year


Image of Vanetta Rogers creator of the Calendar Mastery course

Vanetta Rogers
Strategist & Coach

Hello, I’m Vanetta

Picture this: my husband, a firefighter, works 24 hours at a time. My children play one sport after another every single season.

My health also takes a major hit on my schedule.

I’ve had to figure out strategies that will keep life running even when my body’s forcing me to take a break.  Figuring out how to come up with a way to get through the holidays definitely had to be a priority.

So I ditched the holiday guesswork and created a place that transform the Holiday Hectic into Seamless Celebrations!

Enter Hacking the Holiday, and each year’s plan became planned perfection.!!!

Plan the perfect festive spread, enjoy spending time with family & friends

even when life hits you with surprises.

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The Holiday’s are coming anyway — don’t wait on these time-saving tricks and stress-busting strategies!

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