I’m Vanetta

If you’re ready to be the mom you want, build online, & get things done despite an unpredictable schedule, you’re in the right place.

Needing to work around my family’s schedule but more specifically unpredictable migraines forced me to find a solution to the usual planning and time management advice that assumed your schedule was mostly predictable.

I know what it’s like to… finally have a way to make sure what’s important gets done even if I have to step away for a while.


But it wasn’t always this way…


I was there… I have kids that are in a different sport every season, a husband whose work schedule changes every week, and unfortunately migraines that show up whenever they like just to throw my already chaotic schedule off even more. 

I tried all the tips that the gurus said that was supposed to get my schedule in order and my to-dos ugh actually to-done.  But each time I would set up the recommended systems they would fall apart because they were built with the belief that if I made a plan and just had enough willpower to stick with it, everything would fall into place.

But sometimes willpower is not the problem.  Sometimes the changes in your day may be sudden, unpredictable, and completely out of your control.   

So I came up with a way to make sure I could live the life I want, be the mom I want, and get the important things done that worked even with a schedule that might change quickly.

It’s Not Your Fault That All The Other Advice Has Not Worked For You.

The main advice given out is to make a plan and stick to it (finger waving in your face).  It’s standard practice to assume that the problem is your inability to follow through.  But there are plenty of us that do not have control of certain portions of their life, such as health conditions, due to no fault of our own.

I can help you stop…

wasting time looking for what you need instead of getting things done,

taking on everything yourself instead of directing your helpers,

and putting your own wellness off ’til you have nothing leftover to give.

(Family ) Needs

If you’re anything like me, you want…

  • ​to be provide as normal of a life for your kids as possible
  • to know that your important to-dos are getting done
  • to know that you can make yourself a priority too so that you’re participating in your kids life and not just observing from the sidelines.

That’s why I created the FREE Pockets of Happiness self-care guide. To help you get in self-care in all the small moments when on the go.

It’s Time To Fix This…

The secret that most people don’t know that keeps them stuck is that there is an extra step necessary after you create a plan if you want it to work with your unpredictable schedule


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