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Free Goodies

40 Selfcare Downloadable Ideas For Women On The Go Image

Find Pockets of Happiness” Guide

How to Fit In Self-Care Without Feeling Guilty
For Moms with Migraines When On The Go Even If, You Don’t Think You Have The Time.

40 Instant self-care items you can enjoy, wherever you are, even if you only have a few moments at a time.

  • Avoid the #1 thing moms do wrong when they have an unpredictable schedule Instead enjoy the moments even while you are waiting in the grocery line

“Set Up Your Morning Routine” Guide

Get Out The Door Easily

  • Make your mornings easier so that you get out the door easier
  • Prep ahead for the days you aren’t available so that your children can still get out the door on time.
"Set Up Your A.M." Routine Guide Image

Mom Help Goodies

Moms Prep Magic Chore & Routine Toolkit Image

Moms Prep Magic”  Toolkit

Chore & Routine Toolkit
Keep The House Running Even When You’re Down

You’ve been imagining not having to ever backtrack for forgotten items…

It’s Time To Take Control Of Routines and Chores

  • Give Your Family A Way To Track Each Step That’s Needs To Be Completed Easily
  • Easily See What Has and Has Not Been Completed so you can pick up where things were left off.
  • Provide A Way For Your Kids To Do Things Independently

The Moms Prep Magic”

6-Week Program

Imagine Life Running Smoothly Even If You Have To Step Away


  • You’re a mom that has to work around unplanned interruptions but still want your kids to have a “normal” life.
  • Being your best as a wife and a mom is important to you but plans can’t be counted on.
  • You know that taking care of yourself is important but can’t figure out how because you’re always feeling like you’re behind.

Here’s your method to creating a plan for success even when life calls you away.  A program where moms can come together to reclaim freedom through planning, processes, systems, and time management.

Moms Prep Magic Program Image

Work From Home (With An Unpredictable Schedule)

Printables Image

Printables By Number

Create & Sell Printables
Imagine creating pretty printables that sell themselves and skyrocket your list growth!

 How would your life be different if you could:

  • CONFIDENTLY create a printable that you know will skyrocket your email list or sell like hot cakes.
  • Know EXACTLY why some printables fall flat and fail, and others take off and turn into little money making machines.
  • EASILY create new printables to fill your online store and delight your readers.
  • Use HIGH CONVERTING TEMPLATES that save you hours of work and give you solid results.

The Magic 1-Pager

Create Offers That Sell Even If You Have No Clue Who You’re Selling To

The Offer + Messaging + Content Mapping Workshop For Those Who Can’t (Or Won’t) Niche

  • Finally, a simple and guided process to go from idea & implementation overwhelm, to a crisp, single page map with everything you need to get your product (idea) selling.
  • Inside the Magic 1-Pager Workshop, turn your product (idea) into a fleshed out irresistible offer, plus the exact content to attract and nurture your tribe all the way to clicking your buy button.
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What They Say

5 Star Rating

Phileana Pearson

“I knew that I could always ask Vanetta any questions and she would be able to not only give me an answer but she was good at breaking down why one option was better than the other.  It was obvious that Vanetta truly enjoys helping other women to succeed.  She always wants the best for everyone.”

Larissa Howell

“The way that Vanetta manages both her husband and her kids’ schedule and raises loving and smart kids even though she has chronic migraines is wonderful.  You can tell she really loves her family and does what is necessary to make her family life run smoothly.  She does all of that and still fits in time to have fun too.”

Oona Cooper

“I was amazed when I saw Vanetta’s family calendar.  She kept up with each of her kids activities, her husband’s schedule, and her own schedule.  With so many moving parts she had to be organized so that nothing got missed.  As moms, we all have so much happening and trying to find things that will make it easier is our goal.  Vanetta has done that already. “

Patricia Mitchell

“Vanetta has this amazing ability to see the big picture and then to break it down.  She’s great at understanding the how and why.  When I need that insight she is the first person I turn to. “

Prefer 1:1 Coaching

Moms Prep Magic

30 min. Impact Call